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Welcome to EUBrazilOpenBio Wiki, i.e. a project-oriented Wiki dedicated to provide its consumers with an up-to-date picture of the project activities.

The main goal of EUBrazilOpenBio is to deploy an e-Infrastructure of open access resources (data, tools, services), to make significant strides towards supporting the needs and requirements of the biodiversity scientific community.

This data e-Infrastructure will result from the federation and integration of substantial individual existing data, cloud, and grid EU and Brazilian infrastructures and resources across the biodiversity & taxonomy domain namely Catalogue of Life, OpenModeller, D4Science-II and Venus-C. The breadth & depth of the resulting data infrastructure & the openness of its resources will enable a large variety of new cost-effective, cross-disciplinary virtual research environment applications thus opening the way to its widespread adoption and exploitation by the worldwide biodiversity scientific community.

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